Not Every Project Is Meant To Be!

I’m a firm believer that you have to love what you are doing to have the focus and determination to finish a knitting project. Sometimes a strange notion arises in our head; we feel obligated to finish if only for the mere fact of starting something. I find myself doing this when I read books; I have to finish even if I dislike the book. So I made a pact with myself that I would discontinue this behaviour. I still fall off the wagon at times, but most often I convince myself that if I’m not enjoying what I’m doing, why continue.

When it comes to knitting, I have certainly learned from experience that “Not Every Project Is Meant To Be”. Some of the reasons for this include: not liking the yarn, yarn is unsuitable for the project, can’t determine the correct gauge as in the instructions (this can happen), don’t enjoy knitting a particular pattern stitch, leaving the project far too long before picking it up again…and so on. I’m sure you have felt this at times.

I would suggest that if you find yourself not enjoying a project, or it is not turning out as you expected – it’s okay! It wasn’t meant to be, and let it go. Do try to find some use for the yarn, so you don’t create another problem – wasting yarn. Be productive whilst enjoying the act of knitting.

Happy Knitting!


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