Why Not “Acquire”A New Skill!

We all make excuses for not acquiring and learning a new skill. We tend to set aside our dreams for some later date that never arrives. The main barrier to learning something new is mainly emotional – we think it’s more difficult than it actually is. This feeling prevents us from experiencing the amazing feeling of accomplishment and success.

I make the distinction between acquire and learn. Skill acquisition is a process – learning is a step in this process. Here are some tips that will help you in the process of acquiring a new skill. Firstly, learn about the skill by researching enough, to identify the most important components and the tools required for practice.

Most importantly, PRACTICE. This is key, otherwise no skill acquisition. You can research all you want, but in the end you must practice. You want to practice as much as you can, while maintaining “good enough form”. Attempting to focus on perfection is a recipe for frustration. When learning to knit, pulling apart your first sample each time you make a mistake and starting over will make you want to quit. I always suggest knitting through the first ball of yarn, mistakes and all, and I guarantee you will see improvement by the end. So jump right in and lean into the initial discomfort. Some effort and persistence is important to learning. Also, talk to others in the know, giving you some needed inspiration.

We all learn from our mistakes, allowing us to move forward. How can we improve, if we stop after a mistake. So please, don’t squander your time – learn to knit or whatever your heart desires.

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