2nd Part – Seaming Your DIY Infinity Scarf

I hope you try an infinity scarf as described in last week’s blog post. There are two ways to approach this project; knitting a straight, flat piece or in the round. By knitting the infinity scarf as a flat piece, the bottom and top edges are seamed together. I like the following overcast seam, because it produces a flat seam, instead of having a ridge on the inside that may be visible when wearing the scarf. It is important that the overcast seam be done neatly, or it can look like you don’t know how to sew.


1. Line up the cast on and cast off edges with the wrong sides facing (the same number of stitches on both edges).


2. Working from right to left anchor the edge stitches with threaded tapestry needle.


3. Take 1/2 of the edge stitch from the outside of cast on row, so that the other 1/2 stitch is visible on the wrong side.


4. Insert needle into same 1/2 of stitch on the other edge (cast off edge). Repeat, moving from edge to edge working each stitch, and pull the yarn taut every few stitches. Weave in yarn tail.


The finished seam on the right and wrong sides is shown in the following images.

Overcast Seam On Wrong Side
Overcast Seam On Wrong Side
Overcast Seam On Right Side
Overcast Seam On Right Side

I hope this information helps you create your very own infinity scarf.

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