Start Knitting This Year!

I want to address this post to those new to knitting, and to those wanting to get started. Approaching anything new can be daunting and frustrating. It is important to remember that you can’t learn everything about knitting right away. I still learn new techniques, and have “aha” moments. The following are some tips on how to approach your new craft.

Start with the basics – that is straight needles, untextured yarn such as knitting worsted or double knitting (not mohair or nubbly yarn) , scissors, tape measure, a tapestry needle for sewing and weaving in yarn ends; and a simple, flat piece of knitting for the first project (a scarf, coaster, pillow cover, etc).

Practice makes perfect”. Maybe not perfect, but practicing improves your skills, and clears the way for you to enjoy knitting.

In the beginning, a lot of mistakes will happen; after all we learn from our mistakes, as they allow us to move forward. I’ve had beginners; when every time they made a mistake, the work would be unravelled and they would start all over. I recommend not doing this with your first sample. Simply, recognize the error, and I guarantee that as you knit through that first ball of yarn, you will see improvement. As you gain more experience, the mistakes are easily fixed.

Be the type of knitter you want to be. Where you go with knitting is an individual choice. Some may choose to make only scarves, socks, or blankets. Other to pass the time. Regardless of your reason, it will be an accomplishment.

Revel in your accomplishments. It’s incredibly exciting to finish your first projects. Challenge yourself and move on to the next – try those colored birch needles, a new cast on, or cables.

Avoid too many projects. I learned years ago to only work on a few projects at a time. There always seemed to be so many items I wanted to knit, but would never have the time to finish them all. Too many projects can become overwhelming, and you may lose interest.

I want to encourage you to obtain a good reference book, such as the one published by Vogue Knitting, and some pattern stitch books. For beginners, I have 14 tutorials on YouTube (search urban knitters) which may be helpful in learning the basics.

Finally, I like to say to beginner knitters that “knitting is forgiving”. Not all crafts are as forgiving, as mistakes can be costly and wasteful. I can only hope that knitting becomes your passion, as it has mine. Enjoy your knitting journey!

Happy New Year!


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