Design Workshop: Part 1 – Where do ideas come from?

In this series, I want to give you the steps in designing a hand knit project. Designing is often described as some unique skill of the naturally creative individual (of which there are few – like Picasso). I think everyone is creative; it is simply finding out what you love doing the most, and then practicing the necessary skills. Designing always begins with an inspiring thought or idea.

Where do these ideas come from? There are innumerable means of acquiring design ideas. Maybe you have a creative drive to experiment with yarn or replicate a favourite garment. Visual stimuli such as  a painting, colors that conjure up an idea of something to wear, fashion magazines, or a knitted item worn on someone can inspire you. I carry a tape measure in my purse for those moments in a dressing room; taking a few measurements of a sweater I know I can make. Ideas don’t fall from sky, they are acquired by opening your mind to the world around you.

In this workshop, you will learn how to let your design ideas take shape from sketching or writing down your idea, choosing yarn and stitch patterns, and writing your instructions. For the project in this series, I will go through the steps of designing a simple project;  a scarf inspired by the one worn by Carrie Bradshaw in the movie Sex And The City.

For next time, come up with an idea for a simple project, and follow me through the design process. I hope you will join me and discover that to design just requires an idea, and some skills necessary for it to come to life.

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