Design Workshop: Part 2 – Translating Your Idea Into A Plan

This workshop describes my approach to designing; I am technical, as I prefer to write down on paper the measurements, schematics, gauge, materials, and instructions before I begin knitting. This doesn’t mean that I never  make changes; designing is a process that requires adjustments along the way. A plan provides an outline, a place to start, and a record of what works and doesn’t work. My approach is not right or wrongThe design process as indicated in Part 1 begins with an idea. Once you have decided on your project, it is translated into a plan, beginning with a general shape or silhouette, followed by determining the approximate finished measurements.

Step 1: Begin by describing your idea in words; or use a drawing or picture of the project you want to make. I’m not very good at illustrations, so I use words and a simple schematic (line drawing) on graph paper. For the red scarf I’m designing, ( the picture is more inspiration than replicating it. The red color and texture are important to me in designing this scarf.

Step 2: Once the shape is decided, the measurements are determined. For this scarf, I wanted it approximately 8″ wide by 70″ long. The length of the scarf is determined while knitting, but I prefer a long scarf, so I can double wrap it. Complex garments require more measurements. If you are having trouble deciding on the measurements, measure a similar item you like and use these for your project.

Next time, choosing yarn, stitch patterns, and gauge swatch are discussed. See you then.

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