Last Minute Gift For The Xmas Host

Happy Dish Washing!
Happy Dish Washing!

A very quick, last minute gift idea; crocheted dish cloths, with a purchased scrubbie (one of the best scrubbers for dishes and pots, that is no-scratch), as an extra treat.

Instructions for Dish Cloth: I used worsted weight cotton. Chain 40 with a 4.5mm crochet hook. 1st row: insert hook into 4th chain and dc (double crochet); continue in dc across row inserting hook into each chain (38 dc). Chain 3, turn work and dc across to end of row. Continue to work 20 rows of dc in total; remember to chain 3 at end of row before turning. End with right side facing. Single crochet (sc) around the outside edges; working 2 sc in each corner. Slip stitch to first sc and fasten off. The dishcloth is approximately 11in x 10in.

Double Crochet Steps


Double Crochet

Double Crochet - 2

Double Crochet - 3

Single Crochet Steps


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