The Best Knitted Belt Ever


I’m finishing up a wrap cardigan, and I came across a way to knit a belt that is a double layer of fabric (double knitting). Usually belts are knit with smaller needles and in the same pattern stitch as the borders of the garment; but when tied over and over have a tendency to stretch out.

Double knitting is a version of a fabric stitch. This pattern creates a double thick stockinette fabric with knit stitches facing out on both sides; the two layers are unconnected except at the edges. It is best worked on large needles, otherwise the fabric becomes too tight. (The other use of the term “double knitting” refers to a yarn weight; double knitting yarn).

So here’s the pattern stitch; very simple, just repeating one row: Cast on an even number of stitches (in my case 12 sts on 5.5mm needles). Row 1: *wyif sl 1, k1; rep from * across. Repeat Row 1 until belt measures desired length. Bind off row: k2 tog, *k2 tog, pass second stitch over first to BO 1 st; rep from * across. Fasten off last stitch. Weave in ends. (Abbreviations: BO-bind off; k-knit; rep-repeat; sl-slip; st-stitch; sts-stitches; tog-together; wyif-with yarn in front).

Love the look!

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