The Chic Pompom

Recently I was web surfing and came across some great pompom ideas on Martha Stewart’s website.

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Since I have a very plain, ivory lampshade that needs some jazzing up, I’m going to add some pompoms to the lower edge. Readymade plastic pompom makers can be purchased from the craft store, but I prefer to make my own from cardboard. Making your own allows you to create whatever size you want.

Steps to the Perfect Pompom

Step 1: Cut two circles of cardboard the width of the desired pompom. Cut a hole in the center of the circle, then cut out a wedge.


Step 2: Holding the two circles together, wrap yarn tightly around in layers to make them thick and fluffy, filling the center hole with yarn.


Step 3: While holding the circles, carefully cut around the circle.


Step 4: Tie a piece of yarn tightly between circles. remove the cardboard. Fluff and trim the pompom. Attach the finished pompom with the yarn used to tie it.

I will show you my DIY pompom lampshade when complete. Have some fun with pompoms. They can look chic!





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