I-Cord With Straight Needles?

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I love i-cord and its many uses. It was invented by the iconic Elizabeth Zimmerman, who loved finding easier ways of doing things. Termed “idiot cord”, because it is made by “knitting the wrong way”. It is usually made on double pointed needles. Three to five stitches are cast on. Knit one row, then without turning your work, slide the stitches back to the other end of the needle. Pull the yarn tightly from behind the stitches, and knit another row. Repeat these two rows until the desired length, then bind off. As the yarn is pulled tightly across the back, the fabric rolls in on itself, creating a cord or tube.

Now you are probably wondering why anyone would choose to use straight needles to make i-cord, when dpn’s do the task very efficiently. I still think dpn’s are best, but when it comes to bulky yarn, I think straight needles work great. This pdf demo shows how to make i-cord with straight needles.

Straight Needle I-cord Demo

Have some fun with i-cord!


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