Let’s Learn To Make Socks: Lesson 1 – Leg of Sock

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Basic Sock With Ribbed Leg And Top Of Foot – Size Ladies Medium

  • Materials: 350 metres of fingering or sock weight yarn; 2.50mm double pointed needles; 3mm straight needle; marker or safety pin. Note: If you want a longer leg and/or foot, you will need extra yarn. My finished foot length is 9 1/2in and 350 m of yarn is enough.
  • Gauge: 32 stitches and 42 rows = 4in(10cm) over stockinette stitch and 2.50mm needles. Note: I always stress the importance of obtaining an accurate gauge. However, for these socks, I still advise making a gauge swatch, but don’t stress about it if you are trying sock knitting for the first time. My objective is to teach you the basic steps of knitting a sock. I’m also making the assumption that you know how to use double pointed needles. Here’s a refresher tutorial.

Pattern Instructions

Leg Section (Cuff): I like to  cast on stitches with a straight needle, 1/2 or a full mm larger than the double pointed needles (dpn’s) used in the instructions. For socks it’s important to cast on loosely, so the sock can stretch onto the foot when putting it on. After casting onto the straight needle, transfer and divide the stitches onto 3 dpn’s as described in the pattern instructions.

Cast on 64 stitches using the long tail method. Divide as follows: 21 stitches on needle 1 (to your left), 22 stitches on needle 2 (middle), and 21 stitches on needle 3 (to your right). Join, mark this point as the beginning (I use a safety pin, pinned onto the knitting), and work in the round as follows: *(k2, p2), repeat from * around. Work in rib pattern for 6in or desired leg length. Stop 1 stitch before end of last round. This stitch will be the first stitch of heel flap.

Cast on the stitches and work the leg to your desired length, and I will see you next Wednesday to learn how to knit the heel flap! 


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