Let’s Learn To Make Socks: Lesson 2 – Heel Flap


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Heel Flap: Typically, 1/2 the number of total stitches are used to knit the heel flap. Some yarn manufacturers include a fine weight, durable ball of yarn with the sock yarn purchase, to be used together (double strand) when knitting the heel and toe, the areas where the most abrasion occurs. I use the heel stitch for the heel flap, which adds texture and makes it more durable.

Pattern Instructions: Last lesson I asked you to stop one stitch before end of last round. This stitch is the first stitch of the heel flap. Divide for Heel: Move this last stitch (unworked) from last rib round to needle one. Transfer stitches around so that 32 stitches are on needle one by moving them from the middle needle – adding an extra 10 stitches (22 are already on needle one). Divide the remaining stitches onto the other 2 needles, so you don’t drop them. (Note: Remember to count rows for each section of your sock and write down; your socks will be exactly the same).

Work back and forth across needle one for heel flap as follows: (Heel Stitch) Row 1 (right side): with yarn in back *(slip 1 purlwise, knit 1); repeat from * across. Row 2: with yarn in front slip 1 purlwise, purl across. Repeat the last 2 rows for a total of 32 rows. Work row 1 once more.

Next Wednesday, we will turn the heel.

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