I Want You to Love Blocking – Well at Least Make it a Habit

I know this may sound weird, but I love to block; to see my pinned pieces and small items drying to perfection. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, finishing projects is very important to me. Blocking is an essential, and often neglected step in the finishing process. It is a process of wetting or steaming knitted pieces to even stitches and fibers, and flatten the edges. Check my previous post on how to block pieces.

I want to describe how I block small projects such as hats, gloves, mitts, socks and scarves. Because these items are usually knit in one piece, you can’t block the same way as you would for items knit in pieces, such as sweaters. After I’ve completed knitting the project, including any seaming, and weaving in yarn ends, I wet block or wash the item. I soak it in a fine wash soap and cool water; not for long, as the item probably isn’t dirty. Then I rinse, roll it in a towel, or quickly spin in the washing machine to remove excess moisture, with the item in a laundry bag or pillowcase. Lay flat to dry, smoothing it out to its dimensions.

For garments, in addition to blocking each piece, and after seaming, I wash the finished item as described above. I feel it’s a nice touch to receive a clean, professionally finished item as a gift or even if it’s for yourself. You wouldn’t purchase an unclean item, and doing so shows the love and care you have put into the project. Make blocking a habit, and you will notice a difference.

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