A Common Mistake: Twisting Stitches On A Circular Needle

Casting on a lot of stitches with fine weight yarn onto a circular needle can be frustrating. The most common mistake is twisting the stitches, and you probably won’t notice this until you have knit a few rows. This means when you join the round, the knit fabric twists and doesn’t lie flat. There is no way this can be rectified once you have worked rounds. You will have to rip out the piece to the cast-on row to straighten the stitches. More often than not you will have to cast-on again.

For my latest project, I twisted my fabric not once but twice! I need 407 stitches on the circular; talk about annoying. Even experienced knitters make mistakes like this. What I love about knitting is that it’s forgiving, although annoying it’s often easy to rip back and start over.

The best way to alleviate twisting stitches, once they are all cast-on, is to lay the circular needle on a table and make sure the stitches are all facing the center, aligned in the same direction. The last cast-on stitch becomes the last stitch of the round. In this position, place a marker and begin the round, working the first few stitches.

Looking at this image, I think I finally have a successful cast-on, by aligning the stitches towards the centre and ready to join! Three times a charm.

Casting on stitches to a circular needle
Casting on stitches to a circular needle