It’s Okay To Be Neurotic About Caring For Your Hand Knits

Call me weird, but I’m neurotic about taking care of my wardrobe, especially my hand knits. Why not when you spend many hours making something beautiful. One of my favorite business sites is The Laundress, a company based in New York City who have taken fabric care to a whole new level. The Laundress specializes in eco-friendly detergent, fabric care, and home cleaning products. I’m particularly fond of their “Wool and Cashmere Shampoo”.

The Laundress Blog has compiled a great chart “Can I Be Washed” on how to care for the many different fabrics consumers typically encounter. If you’re a laundry freak this site’s for you.

Under the Knitting Unplugged “Articles” page, I’ve updated “Taking Care of Your Hand Knits“. Please read how to hand and machine wash knits. You’ll not only save money on dry cleaning bills, but your clothes and the environment will thank you.