A Simple Edging Instead of the Usual Rib Border

My favorite mercerized cotton summer top with simple armhole edging.
Close up of edging along armhole edge.

I don’t know of a simpler applied edging than the one I’m sharing with you in this post. This edging is a great alternative to a ribbed border. It neatly finishes off an armhole or neckline edge. I like adding this edging to a vest or tank armhole.

Steps to making this edging:

  • Seam both shoulders.
  • Choose a smaller needle, 1/2 to 1mm smaller than the one used for the body of the garment.
  • Pick up stitches evenly along the front and back armhole edge. For an armhole edge you want to pick up the same number of stitches for both sides of the armhole, the front and back. The shoulder seam is the dividing line. For a neckline edge, the shaped sides of front neck should each have the same number of stitches. Tip: Picking up stitches is simply using a knitting needle to add yarn by “knitting on” new stitches to the knit fabric, forming the foundation row for a collar, button band, or edging. With the right side of the knitting facing you, insert needle into the space between two stitches of a row, one stitch in from the edge for a straight side edge or selvedge. Wrap the yarn knitwise around the needle and draw the yarn loop through as if to knit, forming a new stitch on the needle. For curved edges of knitting, insert needle inside the shaped edge, through the stitch below the shaping to avoid large gaps and to hide the jagged selvedge. Pull the yarn loop to form new stitch.
Picking up stitches – selvedge and shaped edge – Vogue Knitting
  • Simply bind off all stitches loosely for first row.

What could be simpler; pick up stitches, then bind them off. The edge rolls in on itself – you have neatly finished an edge.