Addi Flip Stix – The Perfect Double Pointed Needles For My Project

It’s important to find the right needles for a project, and recently I needed short, 6 inch double pointed needles to knit sleeves in the round with fine mohair. I tried bamboo needles, but the mohair stitches didn’t glide smoothly across them. I also tried metal, but the aluminum ones I had in my collection were too long for the small number of stitches.

I had to visit the LYS in search of the best 6 inch double pointed needles for my project. I purchased Addi Flip Stix, and when I tried them, I was in knitting heaven. They have just the right grip because of the smooth, matte finish, but the stitches still slid with ease. What I found unique is one end of the needle is blunter than the other pointier end, serving a dual purpose. So when knitting off the needle with this type of yarn, inserting  the pointy end into the mohair stitches was easy.

These needles made knitting of this particular project so much easier, and I highly recommend them. I can’t wait to knit socks with them. The right tool for the job makes the process less frustrating. Not only think of comfort, but choose the right needle by type, material, needle tips, yarn, and the project you’re knitting. Sometimes you just can’t settle for mediocre. (Check my post What Needles Can Do For You)