Knitting is a Form of Meditation

Medknitation Anyone!


Image from Daily Mail – Knitting your way out of a life crisis

In the latest issue of Knitscene Fall 2018 is a brief editorial entitled “Medknitation”. I chuckled to hear this, not because it’s silly but because knitting is a mindful activity or one form of meditation. Meditation and mindfulness are practices gaining much attention, for their health benefits. I have been happily knitting for years; knitting is my form of relaxation and a daily “habit”. It makes me feel good to know that I have been engaging in a form of meditation; being in the moment and focusing on one activity.

The author of Medknitation has four tips to a quality “medknitating” session:

  1. Turn off distractions like TV, music, or other noise.
  2. Make sure you’re seated in an ergonomic chair, and practicing good posture.
  3. Choose easy knitting projects for your session; ones with simple stitch patterns that you can easily remember without referring to instructions.
  4. Here’s the mindful part; being aware of what’s happening in the moment – your breathing, experiencing the feel of the yarn, sounds of clicking needles…

I wouldn’t worry about these steps too much. You’ve probably been mindful while knitting as I have, without attaching a name or protocol to it. Subconsciously you’ve known that knitting has health benefits. Keep on happily knitting!