Weekly Fave! Make Your Own Knock-off Sweater!

sweater from Anthropologie
Bow-Backed Sweater
October 2018

I rarely purchase knit sweaters and cardigans, other than fine knit merino and cashmere items. One of the main reasons I don’t is the lack of quality or rather the small amount of natural fibers used in the manufacture of many knits. I won’t pay a high price for a sweater composed predominantly of acrylic or other synthetic fibers, when I know a knit made from them won’t have the longevity of wool or other natural fibers. However, I do look at all the latest knit fashions in the stores, as they are a great source of inspiration. Like this Bow-Backed Sweater from Anthropologie, one of my favorite clothing stores. I know I could reproduce this lovely sweater in a better yarn, maybe a chunky silk/mohair, or a light weight alpaca blend. Knitting a knock-off will indeed be special!