What is Moebius knitting?

crocheted Moebius Fanny cowl
Crocheted Moebius

From the world of math comes an intriguing geometric shape, the Moebius strip. It’s a continuous or infinity loop with joined ends, that has no inside or outside, and features a half twist. In knitting terms, a Moebius strip can be constructed on straight or circular needles to make a cowl or infinity scarf. Because a true Moebius has no inside or outside, choose a stitch pattern that is reversible or looks good on both sides. A Moebius can also be crocheted, your choice. There are several cast on methods to knit a Moebius. Let’s look at the two simplest ways to create this magical accessory.

Moebius Made With Straight Needles

With straight needles simply knit a rectangular strip to the desired width and length, like you would a scarf. You can knit the strip end-to-end or from the long edge to the opposite side. If knit end-to-end, a provisional cast on can be used to make joining the ends easier. Twist the strip as shown in the image below before sewing the ends. Live stitches can be joined using a 3-needle bind off or grafting the stitches together.

half twist made before seaming ends of Moebius
Twist rectangular strip 180 degrees before joining ends.

Moebius Made With Circular Needle

Cast on the stitches required for the circumference of your Moebius onto a circular needle. At this point, you’ve always been told not to twist your stitches when joining the first round. But when making a Moebius, twist or make one clean twist before joining the round. After working several rounds, the twist becomes apparent.

These are the simplest methods of casting on and constructing a Moebius strip. There are other methods, including the Moebius cast on, popularized by Cat Bordhi. It’s more difficult to learn, but is a great technique if you’re addicted to this style of knitting.

Moebius knitting is a beautiful way to make a reversible cowl or infinity scarf, revealing both sides simply by incorporating a half twist to your work. Sometimes it’s okay to twist stitches on your circular.