Stitch Holders Make a Knitter’s Life Easier

variety of styles and sizes of stitch holders

Some knitting accessories aren’t absolutely necessary, but like many tools they will often make your task a lot easier. Holders are tools used to hold a group of stitches that are worked at a later time, such as those at necklines, shoulders, and pockets.

These tools come in a variety of styles and sizes. My favourite are oversized safety pins. The shorter styles tend to be the most useful. Circular style stitch holders, similar to circular needles, come with an adjustable pliable cord, and at one end is a blunt tapestry needle to transfer stitches. To prevent the stitches from falling off, the other end has a cap to insert the needle into, closing the circle.

Stitch markers in the shape of mini safety pins can be used to hold one or two stitches. I like to use the common safety pin to hold a small number of stitches, particularly for the toes of socks. 

In a pinch, a length of yarn holds live stitches, but I find it more difficult to transfer these stitches to a knitting needle. If you don’t have a holder, a spare knitting needle is a better option.

I have too many holders in my toolbox, but for me they are a necessity.