The World of Japanese Stitchery

I recently purchased the book “Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible, 260 Exquisite Patterns” by Hitomi Shida, one of Japan’s best known knitting designers. This is the author’s second collection of stitch patterns. The patterns presented in this book are innovative, elegant and intricate; a unique resource for the experienced knitter looking for new patterns to incorporate into their work.

The stitch patterns are only presented in chart format. What’s interesting and useful, is that Japanese symbol guides are standardized, unlike those of Western knitting charts. All Japanese publishers use the same symbol guide, so knitters know what to expect.

This book is a treasure of complex stitchery, if you’re looking for a new challenge. It’s a beautiful resource for your toolbox, and would be a lovely gift for the experienced knitter. A Xmas gift idea?