Weekly Fave! A Delicate Lace Wrap

Cumulus Wrap by Purl Soho

When I owned a knitting yarn store, I met so many interesting and skilled knitters. I remember a woman probably in her 70s, who’s passion was knitting complex shawls in lace weight yarns. I so admired her skill, because knitting with lace yarns can be challenging, difficult on the eyes, not to mention time consuming. I love the beauty of diaphanous, feather weight lace shawls, but I don’t have the patience working with fine lace yarns. Now if you are like my old friend, and love the slow process of knitting delicate lace, the Cumulus Wrap is for you. This design was inspired by Orenburg lace shawl knitting, a Russian tradition. The Cumulus Wrap instructions is free on Purl Soho’s site. Knitting one would be a crowning achievement, and a special heirloom.

Best Wishes For A Happy And Healthy New Year!

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