Weekly Fave! A Trendy Vest

Spring/Summer Collection 2021 Salvatore Ferragamo

Vests appear to have returned to women’s fashion. This chic number from Salvatore Ferragamo is inspiration for you to design a vest for the warmer season. One would look lovely in a chunky cotton blend yarn; maybe in a bright citrus colour, like this buttery yellow. Choose any cable pattern or try to get as close to the stitch patterns in Ferragamo’s design.

After much thought, I’ve decided to move on to a new challenge, and this is my last post for Knitting Unplugged. I’ve so enjoyed sharing my expertise, and hopefully I’ve helped you become a more skilled knitter. I’ve tried to provide information that is not often addressed in knitting classes. Often times it’s the simplest or the most basic skills that’s not addressed, and where beginner knitters have the most queries. A great example of this, is the popular post “How to Measure Knitting Length”.

Knitting Unplugged will remain online until May 15, to give you time to peruse the archives or print-off select posts or resources. I thank you for showing interest, and for reading my blog. May your knitting journey be a long one.

Warmest regards,