Resources For Better Knitting

A more detailed look at putting together your sweaters or cardigans, including the how-to’s of seaming and picking up stitches. It’s Time to Finish Your Sweaters is a guide to help you approach finishing with confidence.

It’s those small bits of information that lead to aha moments and to better knitting. I’ve divided the tips in the e-book Tips For Better Knitting into those falling under the category of preparation work and those under knitting technique. I know you’ll find a new way of dealing with a challenge you may be struggling with, particularly as a beginner knitter. Make sure to check my archives for further information on most of these tips.

If you avoid test swatching and hope the project turns out, I want you to stop and read this short e-book, The Why & How of Test Swatching . Learn how to make a test swatch and calculate gauge before you begin your next project. I guarantee when your gauge matches the one in the pattern instructions, your garment will be the proper fit.

My premiere collection of neck accessories –  Neck-It-On! Most are easy to make for the beginner knitter, or for anyone wanting some “mindless” knitting.

cover of e-book - It's All About The YarnIt’s All About The Yarn explores the properties and structure of yarn, beginning with natural and synthetic fiber characteristics, followed by yarn construction. It also includes a bonus section on how to buy and substitute yarn for a pattern.

A tutorial demonstrating how to knit basic socks. Follow me step by step in Let’s Learn To Knit Socks! and complete your first pair of socks.

The Little e-book of Abbreviations and Knitting Terms  is my version of the common abbreviations and terms. A great companion to keep in your knitting basket. It also includes two of my favorite techniques: the one row buttonhole, and the bind off seam.